Why tall women like short men.
There are two reasons why tall women like short men. One is that short men are cute, and another is that short men can have a very interesting personality that women are attracted to.

Tall women think they want tall men only until they meet a cute short very unique man. Some short small men are very attractive. Attractiveness isn’t always based on just height but everything else. Women do give more attention to tall men at first, but short men can win her heart.

Short men need to be more confident in who they are and how they look, because, yes, tall women can go crazy over short man they love.

Love and attraction isn’t based always on height. Every woman is different and her attraction and needs would be different.

Did you know that very tall women could have a very submissive personality? As well as very short men can be very dominant, then they would be a perfect match.

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Every woman has different psychological, physiological, emotional, financial and etc needs. If she meets a man who fulfills all her most important needs, she will need him, she will crave him and she will want him.

Tall women can be head over heels about short men, they really can. The only challenge for a short man is to endure a first stage of rejection when women simply reject men by looks or not knowing what they want at the moment.

If you are a short man, you can attract a tall woman. Take your time, let her to get to know you, women need time to understand whether she is attracted to man or not.

If you don’t want to wait too long until your tall woman figures out how much she likes you, I can give you very interesting advice. Tell her you like her, or show her you like her. Many tall women think that short men prefer short women, so if you she knows you like her, it will be half of the battle right there.

Another tip is to touch her. It will speed up her figuring out if she likes you or not sexually. If she likes to be touched by you, it means she is attracted to you. How do you touch her? Just do what feels right for you, give her a hug, hold her hand and etc. If she likes to be touched you will know it. Women love to be touched by men who they find attractive. If she touched you before you ever touched her, it means she is VERY attracted to you.