Why men pull away and stop showing interest.

Yes, men do pull away because they want to have an upper hand in a relationship. Because a person who is the least interested has the most power. So, a man maybe loves you, but aren’t ready to give up his power, his independence, that’s why he can pull away despite of feelings of love for you.

This is very hard to understand to most women, because women are so compassionate and want love and care in very sensitive ways, but men often prefer their freedom and independence over love.

Not many men have love as a priority on their list. A lot of women view love as something very important in their life, but many men view love as obligation and something that they aren’t sure they want to do. They like to work, make money, feel independent, but to submit to a woman and her desires is often very uncomfortable to them.

Women have easier time to submit to someone’s desires, women the ones who care for children and elderly the most, but for men it’s a lifelong struggle because they want to feel powerful, independent and free.

When he is free, he knows that lots of women are wanting him somewhere out there and this type of men isn’t able to appreciate what is in front of him in a relationship. Also, a fantasy is usually more attractive than real life, that’s why some men didn’t learn to appreciate very much yet.

So, pulling away, is basically power control in relationship. If he wants you less, then he doesn’t have much to loose and he doesn’t have to hurt much either. Men are afraid to get hurt or get attached.
Other men put work as priority and never gave much importance to their women, so it very much depends on a man.

If you fall in love with a man who likes independence, wants to pull away often, doesn’t share his thoughts and feelings, then you have to decide could you be happy in such relationship or not?
If it bothers your heart, then run and don’t look back because after marriage he will pull away even more.
During dating actually his best behavior and if he isn’t his best while he is dating you, after marriage he will get much worse.

Some men pull away more than others, so you have to decide how much you are willing tolerate from him. Do you want more security in life or not? Some women love challenge and difficult men, but would you?