Why men like dominant women.
Do you think men like dominant women? Of course they do! Men love dominant women who take charge of a situation. For example, a man could be shy and dominant woman would be like dream came true for him to be happy.

Many shy men prefer dominant women who do all the pursing and chasing, asking him out and basically telling him what to do and what she wants.

Another reason why men like dominant women because some men love to please women. Some men want to please his woman no matter what and his true happiness would be to please his dominant and demanding woman. Not every man wants to be a pursuer in a relationship, some men feel safe and secure when a woman is more dominant and leads the direction of the relationships.

Men want to feel safe too and some men feel safest only with dominant strong woman.

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Some men have relationship with dominant woman but he wants to be dominant in bed. Other men, act dominant in the relationship but want to be submissive sexually, so it depends on the man.

A lot of men want dominant woman only sexually, but in other areas of his life. Whatever is his fantasy.

Dominant women are great. She would feel safe to order her man around and he would feel happy to please her. If both of them are happy in such relationship, then why not.

Sometimes very dominant men are attracted to dominant women too, but in this case, a dominant woman would be much less dominant comparing to her man. So, everything is relative. Some dominant women want even more dominant man to enjoy the relationship.

If you find yourself being attracted to a dominant woman, it’s alright, as long as both people are happy and it works out for them. Whatever they do it should be done with love and care about each other. Caring about each other, make each other happy is more important than who is dominant in the relationship.