Why do women have sex with men?
Women have sex for a variety of reasons. She could actually like it and maybe it makes her happy. A lot of women have sex with men because they are affraid he will leave her.

Most women want to get married and have a happy life…Many young women will sleep with men just because they don’t want he to leave her for some girl who can offer more sex. The more a girl likes the more willing she is going be having sex with you.

One more simple reason why women have sex is to make her man happy, do it for fun that can make the them both happy.

Many women want to have sex with a man in marriage or with someone they can trust in a long term commitment. Do you want to know why? Really simple. Women are very aware that birth control doesn’t always work and there is a chance for her to get pregnant. Getting pregnant from someone she doesn’t like or doesn’t respect or doesn’t love strong enough is a nightmare for any woman.

That’s why women are very selective with whom they are going to have sex or not.

Of course there are some women who believe they want sex. What does it mean? Some women feel loved and desired if a guy wants to sleep with her. Some women sleep for attention. Yes, sometimes women confuse wanting to have sex or wanting attention. During sex a girl gets his complete attention, that’s why she would pursue sex to get more attention.

Guys sometimes forget to give girl attention or even notice her unless they are ready to cuddle or sleep with her. That’s why even most women are unaware they want attention when they are seeking for sex.

A lot of women sleep with a man for feeling power.

Yes, it’s very powerful being irresistibly seductive and women love it. Women have sex because they enjoy being adored, being desired and sexy.

Some women sleep with a guy because he asked her. It’s her ways of showing her affection and being nice to him. Women expect guys to be nice and then men expect something in return too. Men love sex and being sexy, attractive, seductive will definitely make him happy and women know it.

Why do women have sex should consist from 2 parts: Why do women have sex before marriage? and Why do women have sex in marriage.

Women are more likely to have more sex in marriage because that’s what men expect from them, husband has rights and rules too expect his woman to be nice to him. As far as why women have sex before marriage could be a lot of different reasons though.

Whatever you do, make sure you are both happy. If a woman has sex with you any time you want it means she respects you, desires you, wants to please you and you probably treat her good.

Girls don’t usually sleep with bad guys for very long.

It could be exciting for a girl to sleep with a bad guy but eventually she would feel disrespected and will be looking for a guy who can respect her and be attractive as well.

So, men, treat your woman nicely.