Why do men like womens feet.
Men do love womens feet very much. Some men like big feet, some like small feet, others like high arched feet and etc. Men generally have attraction to woman’s body, her legs, and, surprisingly, her feet.

Some men are more attracted to feet than others. So, why do men like feet?

Apparently, something happened when he was young, most men are very visual and if a man found feet to be attractive and sexy, he will love feet forever.

Men aren’t like women. Men are much more visual than women, so it makes sense why men like feet and love to fantasize about touching and kissing them.

Also, men really want to please a woman and think that he can pleasure her by giving her a nice massage. Men love to think that women love a nice foot massage and are willing to give it to her.

Woman’s feet give room for imagination to most men.

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Men are attracted not only to feet but also beautiful legs. Feet are a great extension of woman’s beauty.

Men love to know that feet are very sensual and give great feelings to a woman if they are touched. Women love to feel good and men want make women to feel good.

Mostly, it’s just a fantasy of touching feet and looking at feet that men associate when they are aroused.

Is it bad to be attracted to her feet? It isn’t bad as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Some women are afraid that maybe her man just wants her feet and not her, but if she feels completely loved and accepted, she wouldn’t mind if he likes feet.

Men and women want to feel loved and secured in relationships. If you do anything that your woman isn’t happy then it isn’t right. Finding a good compromise is the key to a happy relationship.

Many women don’t mind at all if a man is attracted to feet, or legs, or breasts or her sexy butt, as long as she is still more important to him than any particular part of her body. Women want to feel important. If you make her feel important, loved and secure, she won’t mind any feet fetish.

Many women think it’s funny that men are attracted to feet so much. Most women love shoes and like how feet look, but women aren’t sexually aroused by it. Men and women are different. As long as you want to make each other happy and please each other, then attraction to feet won’t bother your woman.