Tall strong women with short men.
If you like or attracted to tall strong women and you are a man, you shouldn’t be ashamed. In our society the role of a woman is to be soft, gentle and caring and when a short man is attracted to tall strong woman it can be confusing and even devastating for a man in some cases.

Where equal rights everyone is talking about. It’s o’kay for a woman to be attracted to strong man but it’s perceived strange when a weaker man is attracted to tall strong powerful woman.

Many men think that majority is right, they think the society is right when it determined the roles for both genders. If you are different it’s o’kay too. Men shouldn’t worry about what people will think of them when they want to be with strong powerful woman. It can be hard to find such woman, but possible.

Should you give up your dream to be with a strong powerful woman just because it’s not normally accepted by society?

Truth about strong women

Strong powerful woman can be hidden behind a pretty face or innocent voice. Just because a woman is sweet and gentle in public it doesn’t always mean she is the same way behind closed doors. Many women behave soft and gentle in front of others and wear social masks when they want or can but it’s not who they truly are.

When you get home, close your door, you will quickly find out that the same woman can be demanding, strong and powerful bossy woman. Many families have women who are bosses and the head of households. Don’t believe that every woman is sweet and innocent, women are taught to behave this way but the true personality will come out once you get o know her a little more.

Women behave in certain way because they were always taught to behave like that. It was expected to be nice and feminine, but more and more women prefer a strong powerful role in a relationships and everywhere else.

If you are attracted to strong tall women be aware you don’t know what you get yourself into.

She will hold more power over you whether you want it or not.

She will make final decisions for you and expect you respect her and her decisions. But not all tall strong women want to be powerful in relationships or their lives.

They maybe look strong, powerful and attractive, but maybe she dreams about stronger man who can handle her.

If you can meet her own desires and yours too, you both would be very happy.

Tall strong women are beautiful and masculine, if you are a tall strong woman, be proud of who you are and someone will enjoy and appreciate what you can offer.