Tall amazon women.
Tall amazon woman shopping for large size womens shoes for her big feet

How unusual is that I am a tall amazon woman and I shop for shoes! It can be exciting because it’s a tough journey. Having big feet for a tall amazon woman means I need large shoes. Yes, I do wear large big shoes, I need them for my big feet.

Amazon women are strong and beautiful, but have to keep up with my beauty by difficulty in shopping. Checking out the stores with all these tiny people and then they look at me with compassion and admiration. Compassion because they know how hard is find shoes for a tall amazon woman and admiration because they hardly see anyone this tall at their stores very often.

I like having big feet and I love to wear big shoes. I don’t think I would want to have larger feet, but my current size is just perfect.

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Amazon women are strong and beautiful. When I walk into any store I get interesting looks from people because they don’t usually see a woman of my size. I have to be careful and treat people nicely, I don’t want to scare anyone, I just want to shop and look good.

Shopping is fun when I walk around small tiny people, clerks and customers. They turn their hands because I’m so tall and unusual. Do I like so much unwanted attention? Not, really, sometimes I think how nice it would be just being average and be myself. Amazon girl is unusual girl.

I like different shoes, I’m like any other woman loves shoes, beautiful shoes, new shoes and unique shoes. Every woman has different taste. Many women love to wear high heels, I like it too, from time to time I do wear high heels shoes only if I need to impress somebody. I’m already quite tall and impressive that’s why I wear comfortable shoes to please myself but not others. Women love to buy shoes to feel good about themselves, to feel beautiful and attractive, to try to get attention and admiration sometimes.

You too, the reader of my article, go shopping and enjoy the feeling of buying and wearing the new shoes you love. Feeling excited about new shoes is a great feeling that can make your worries away and make you look and feel more appealing and more attractive.