Tall amazon girls.
Amazon tall girls, who are they? Tall girls who are strong, powerful and fearful…Amazon tall girls are brave girls who have a courage to do anything they want and fearless no matter what they face. Is every tall girl an amazon? No, not really. Being an amazon is a part of character, not all tall girls can be brave amazons but they can be if they try.

Am I amazon tall girl? Yes, I am tall amazon girl. I have a part of me that has characteristics of brave amazon, it is a part of me. I like to think of myself as a brave girl, so amazon picture comes up to my mind and I feel more brave and even stronger.

Being an amazon isn’t only physical characteristic but a state of mind or a state of inner being. Being tall girl gives more power over people but at the same time being tall girl brings out many insecurity that you wouldn’t know that you have.

How to know if you are an amazon girl? It’s o’kay to be an amazon girl if you want to be her. You can imagine and pretend that you are. If you are tall, you have even more advantages because of her height and your tall statue.

Most amazons are tall girls who are very strong, very brave and very masculine. It can be physical traits that express masculinity, power and strengths. Tall girls who love body building and lifting weights are very often referred as amazon girls too because of the way they look and strength that they have.

Do tall amazon girls want a weak and small men? It depends on a woman.

Some women want a man who is small and can’t defend himself, but other women want a man who is even stronger than they are. You would need a lot of patience to find out what type of an amazon a certain girl is what are her preferences for men.

Why men love tall amazon girls?

Men love tall amazon girls because of their dominant traits and beautiful bodies.

Tall amazons are very beautiful and very unusual.

Men love different women, so some men, of course love a woman who is tall and masculine.

Many men admire strong women who can take charge and be a leader. Not all men want to be leaders all the time.

Many men have powerful jobs and they get tired to be in control all the time. Such men are looking for strong women who can be strong and men can relax.

If a man wants to be with a strong amazon woman, he loves and admires powerful women.

Do you need to try to be amazon? You need to be who you are and you need to do what you really want for yourself. Don’t change your real nature for someone, be who you are and enjoy yourself.