sports for tall women girls sport for tall people.
If you are a tall woman (5’8″ and up) and wonder what sports you can play and be good at, think about basketball, volleyball and tennis first. It’s great for tall girls, women men and generally tall people. If you don’t like either of them, maybe you will enjoy running or swimming, you can try to play hockey or why not to dance?

I think tall women are great in sports. If you are not sure what you really like or want, maybe you should try different sports and see what you like the most.

In my opinion girls would definitely enjoy dancing, it isn’t really considered a sport so much and it isn’t competitive, but it would definitely keep you fit and active.

If you don’t think you are a good dancer, think about belly dancing. Women of all shapes, weight and size enjoy belly dancing, so you could try it too.

Whatever sport you choose, be proud that you tried it. Enjoy whatever you do and experiment with what you like. Volleyball and basketball are the most favorite by tall people. you would fit right in and you might be really good in it.

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Many tall women enjoy tennis a lot and it’s good for tall people. Try tennis, it can be good for you. Tall girls don’t always know what they want until they try it. Ask your friends and relatives, they know you well enough and they could suggest something that fits your personality, your attitude and your abilities.

Tall women can be very good in certain sports and tall women look great playing sports.

Many tall girls love running because it gives them sense of accomplishment, achievement, helps them to stay in great shape and much more. Running is easy to try, run a mile and see how you like it.

When I was younger I played volleyball and I enjoyed it a lot. It gave me opportunity to play, be active and socialize with like minded girls.

If one sport doesn’t feel right for you, try something else, don’t give up. Find something you enjoy. There are so many options to choose from. You can visit different sport groups and see how many tall girls are there. Maybe you will find a certain group or sport more enjoyable then other. Experiment is the key, you might not know what you like until you try it.

How do you know what sport is right for you?