Skinny tall girls.
Some tall girls are very thin like me and some are not. I think it is harder for tall girls to be thin because their bodies just seem to be bigger anyway in proportion to the rest of their bodies. It is amazing that all tall girls are not fat.

If you think about it, it probably makes sense that tall girls should be wider than short girls as well to keep their bodies in proportion.

When people see me, they almost always comment on my height, and how thin I am and so skinny they usually say. I don’t know if skinny is a good term or not, sometimes it sounds kind of rude, but I like being skinny. I don’t know why, but many people are not used to seeing tall girls that are so thin.

I think most people only have experience with tall girls that are basketball players. There are very few tall girls anyway, and the only ones most people see on a daily basis are into basketball. Basketball is such a popular sport in this country, any girl that is tall is usually pushed to be a good player because they seem to have an advantage in this sport.

Parents then try to push kids to be good basketball players because most parents can’t imagine their tall girls being models, especially fathers who are into sports anyway. So, these girls often get muscular and bigger by playing sports. These girls then aren’t skinny like me, so it is even rarer when people see me being tall and so thin.

Tall and thin woman

The other tall skinny girls are models, but they are very rare even for tall girls. I have only seen a few in real life over six feet tall, other than at fashion shows. Many models surprisingly are not even that tall. Most models are between 5’8” and 5’11”. Sometimes, model agents have even told me I am too tall to be a model! Thank goodness, many agents like taller girls like me, especially if they are as skinny as me.

It is harder though to fit in some clothes though because I am so tall. Even most fashion designers don’t make modeling clothes for girls over six feet. Most models simply look so tall because they wear high heels on top of being above average height, even though they may not be the tallest. In high heels, I seem even taller than most models, and I can see why it is so rare.

So, I think being skinny is a very lucky trait. It is good to be rare and unusual in a good way.

You will often get attention and compliments. Most girls don’t aspire to be fat, so if you are naturally thin, be thankful. I don’t think it is a necessity to be the thinnest model of all.

I don’t try to eat anything special, and I sure don’t work out at all, but I stay thin anyway.

I think you have to be naturally thin to be really happy with it. If you have to diet or exercise too much, you will see it as hard work and will eventually get tired of it. You just should try to love the shape you are in, no matter what size it is.

If you are tall, think about modeling though instead of basketball or other sports. Many athletes have very short careers and then they often get fat because they are used to eating a lot to grow muscle.

When they are older they don’t need so much, so they often put on weight. If you are thin and are thin when you get older, you will tend to stay thin. I see a lot of grandmas that say they were thin all their lives and still are. So, if you have a choice, I think it is better to be thin.