Sexy questions to ask a girl, what to ask woman about sex.
If you want to ask your girl sexy questions, it’s better first to find out what she is comfortable to talk about. If you are comfortable to talk about anything, she might be not. Not all women had experience or feel close enough to discuss personal matter.

Start with a small talk first and little by little you will see if she wants to stop such conversation or if she wants to talk about it in detail.

You can ask her about her past or future hopes. For example, some women want to remain virgin until they are married or sure that she found a right person. Don’t discaurage her from talking, but listen her and try to understand her even if you don’t completely agree with everything she says.

For example, you can ask “What do you think about people have sex before marriage?”, this way she won’t feel pressure to tell about herself directly but start talking about people in general and her view on it.

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You can also ask her if she was kissed before, or if she likes kissing. Some women love to kiss, while others not so much. Once you ask her such questions, be prepared that she might ask you the same too. Women love to talk especially about personal stuff, so don’t be surprised if she will want to talk about it a lot more than you expected.

You can also ask her questions about attraction. “What do you find attractive in a guy?” or “What makes you feel sexy and attractive?”

“What is your idea about romantic evening with your special person?”, “How do you know if you are attracted to someone?”, “How fast can you find out if you find a guy sexy”? , “What turns you on most of all?”

You can also tell her that she is free to ask you anything you want. You might be surprised what she wants to know about you, it can also give you more ideas what to ask her or talk about.

If she is comfortable enough she might share a lot, if she is not comfortable to discuss it, you can try to talk about something else. Most of all you want to make your girlfriend to trust you and feel free to talk and ask you about anything.

Women do love to talk about sex and discuss sexual questions, but it doesn’t mean that she wants to act on it. Just because a girl says something sexual, it doesn’t mean she wants to do it right now. So many men or guys get too excited when a girl wants to talk about sex, but it doesn’t mean that she is ready to do it. Talking would be enough for her until she decides if she wants anything more.