Male flirting body language. Signs of attraction.
If you want to know a true male flirting body language and male flirting signals, you need to know your man first. Some men are more shy whileothers are very outgoing and more aggressive in his approach. If you have to read this article and wonder about a male flirting signals, then you probably have a very shy man who gives you mixed signals.

If a man is not shy then you wouldn’t have to doubt or guess about his flirting signals and his intentions. If a man truly knows what he wants and doesn’t have a shy personality then it would be obvious, if it’s not obvious to you then ask your friend what does she think when he talks to you.

In case if your man is shy and you have no idea whether he likes you or not, then you are dealing with a rare and a hard type of men. Some men even come across rude and uncaring when he actually truly cares about you.

What do you do in this case? How can you tell? The easiest way to tell in this case if he tries to talk to you. Most guys, especially shy guys can be very intimidated by beautiful women and afraid to talk to women.

Men can be shy to initiate even a simple talk to a simple question. Just watch him and see if he likes to talk to you.

Also, you always have to remember that even if a man is shy and even a man does like you a lot, he still might not be ready for commitment.

You need to decide if you want someone who just likes you or you want someone who wants to commit to make you happy?

Most women if they like someone they want a commitment and true love. Men often want it too, but too often they are afraid of commitment and afraid of a broken heart.

Yes, men can be very sensitive about love matters especially if they were hurt before. Broken heart can be very painful to men and women, that’s why men tend to shy away from new relationship if the have a risk of being hurt.

If a man really likes and if a man really cares about you, he could be afraid to open up about his feelings because he is afraid of getting hurt and being close. Women love closeness emotional and physical but for some men who aren’t ready for love it can be too hard to deal with.

If you have to guess whether your man likes you or not, try to give him as much space and as much time as he needs or wants, so you wouldn’t scare him away or put too much pressure on him than he can handle. You don’t have to worry, if it mean to work out then it will work out.