I hate being tall, what to do if you are tall girl?
Reader’s question: Hi Tall Girl, I’m 19 years old and i am 5’11. I hate it so much! I’m sick of people asking how tall I am and how is the weather up there questions. What can I do?

Tall Girl’s answer: Many tall girls find it hard to be very tall, and many don’t like it. We all want to be accepted by society and each of us faced discrimination in our lives based on looks, gender, age and so on. Love who you are. It’s easy to say but harder to do.

Be glad you are tall because most people have other problems than just height. Someone who is shorter maybe would like to be your weight or have your hair or would love your eye color, voice and etc. Most women are more self conscious about looks and particularly height or weight, mostly because women are judged by looks harder than men are.

You hate being tall – where to start

Think about those qualities that you love about yourself. If you don’t know, think about those qualities and always remember them. We all have gifts and someone would love what you have. Everyone wants to be the most beautiful, the most popular, rich and successful, but we also need to learn to appreciate what we already have.

Be positive about your height and who you are. Life is what you make out of it. Every day start notice and appreciate all good things in your life.

More benefits of being tall

People will give you more attention when you are tall. Some people will think you are a model and feel jealous to your height and your looks. Tall women often look very beautiful. You can reach any shelves easily than short people. Many tall women feel more empowered being so tall and have more confidence to try anything they want.

I didn’t like my height very much too when I was growing up. Many girls don’t like the way they look even if they are average height. I learned to love who I am. It will take time for you to start appreciating your height and looks. You need to realize that most women don’t like the way they look no matter what height they are. Have a good personality, be nice to people and people will love you for who you are. As long as you are nice, pleasant to others and trying to good in life.

You also, need to remember that everybody wouldn’t love you if you were a desired height. Many popular people whether they are beautiful, rich or anything else, attract many fake friends and it hurts them even more. We all get hurt, so don’t assume it’s because of your looks, we all feel the same.

It’s o’kay to feel the way you feel right now, but remember that life isn’t only about looks and height. Concentrate on helping people and give value to others and you will be more fulfilled and will accept yourself more.

Remember your height is wonderful and unique as it is. If everybody was the same life wouldn’t be interesting, we all need to learn from our differences and appreciate what is unique and different. Read also Why it’s good to be tall