How to make your wife happy in bed.
One of the reasons your wife is not happy in bed is because she is bored. Women want to desire passion and lust but over the years they get more bored with their husbands. Sad, but true. Women need a lot more mental stimulation than men do.

Men are aroused by sight and touch but women will get aroused by thinking something. The more you make her think about sex, the more she will want it.

That’s why if you simply come up and touch her, it won’t take much affect on her if she is not mentally ready. Some women find it annoying when men want to touch them often for reason or no reason. So, the best way to make her happy in bed is to start with mental stimulation. How to do that?

You can start talking about it, or role play. You can also let her read something romantic, or watch a romantic movie with her. Women are not interested in porn, because there are not much romance or talking going on, but if you can find romantic movie with love and passion she will be more excited.

More ways to make her happy in bed

Another idea to make her more involved is you can try to watch her favorite soap opera with you (if she loves soap operas) and then role play the most intense and romantic scene with her, it can be a lot fun for both of you. It can provoke the sense of passion, adventure and excitement for her.

Women want and crave excitement.

Also, always make her feel attractive, desirable and irresistible. She wants to feel desired for who she is and not be looked at as a piece of meet by you. She wants to know you want to have sex because you can’t resist her but not because you have “needs”, make her feel special and she would be more ready.

Another way to spice up relationship is to go to parties, meet different people, do something unusual and exciting. Parties is the best way because this way you won’t be too tired for some action later.

Make her happy

You can ask her hot to make her happy in bed. She knows herself better than anybody. Maybe she is already happy with you and satisfied, if not, she might tell you might not. If she is bored in bed, if she craves passion and excitement, she would be too embarrassed to tell you, because it sounds like you don’t turn her on, so she would rather just say that she is tired.

But you need to know by now that the major reason women don’t want sex with their husbands is boredom and lack of passion. Work on bringing passion back in your life, impress her, do something unusual, show her how great guy you are and you will get you sexy wife back.