How to deal with being short guy.
Let me explain to you how to deal with being short, tips for short men. You need to realize that being short is not the worst thing that could happen to you. Be thankful that you aren’t any shorter. Of course, most men would like to be taller to be taken more seriously and more attractive to women, but you need to know that short men can be very attractive.

Don’t give up on dating even if you are short. Don’t give up on dating women who are taller than you either. Be open minded and do your best. Remember that even tall guys get rejected all the time. Rejection is part of the dating process and you shouldn’t blame it on your height.

Women do prefer taller men, but they get attracted and choose more important things in a man than just height.

Tall height for men only good for first impression, but if you really want a woman to be into you, you need to let her to get to know you. Did you know that women are very attracted to dominant personalities, and a lot of short men have such dominant personality to compensate for lack of height.

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Being short can be stressful when there are so many tall men around to compare. Look at your personality, personality is everything. You could be a woman magnet if you behave a certain way, talk a certain way and look a certain way.

Many short men lack of social skills than height. Work on your social skills first and then even very tall women will be attracted to you. Have good integrity, be loyal, be smart and try best you can. Most men can’t get over being rejected and it’s something you have to work on.

If you really don’t like to be so short, then concentrate on your job, on your hobby, women love men with passion and money. If you have interesting life, your woman will want to be a part of it. Try to meet as many women as possible and you will find someone who will think you are handsome, interesting and charming.

Have positive attitude and positive thinking. If you can focus on what is good in your life, if you can be happy about yourself, women will enjoy being happy around you too. If you project happiness and feel good attitude, women will be attracted to you.

Find a few things that are good in your life. Tell yourself how lucky you are to have such a great life. It all comes down to how you think. Did you know that many tall men are unhappy about something too? I’m sure you have something what others don’t have and be grateful for that.

There are many people in the world who wish they had your problem. If short height is the only thing that really bothers you, you can consider yourself a very lucky person. Many people are not only shorter than you are but also sick and poor, so be grateful for what you have every moment of your life.

You are important and precious and unique because of your height and who you are. Don’t blame yourself for who you are, but love yourself for who you are. Have faith in yourself no matter what others told you. Be strong in your mind, in your faith and your believe how good you are, and it will help you deal with being short and enjoy life so much more.