How to deal with angry husband depends on how much patience you have and how much does he hurt you. Emotional and mental abuse is real, and different people have different degree of tolerance.

First of all, maybe your angry husband grew up in abusive household and for him it seems normal to express himself in such angry way without realizing how much he really hurts you. If you grew up in a very loving home, you maybe expect more affection and love from your husband and him being angry frustrates you very much.

Tell your husband how much it hurts you when you see him angry. He maybe has no idea how much it hurts you. If he loves you, he would try to learn different words or voice tone to protect you from the pain. Some men actually are selfish and would refuse to understand your point of view, but at least try to have a conversation with him about it when he is calm.

Most married men are able to have a decent conversation, so try to talk to him about what hurts you the most and ask him to be more considered of your feelings. For a happy marriage two people should try to make each other happy and please each other.

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If you husband doesn’t care about your feelings and openly admits that he wants to hurt you, maybe he is deeply hurt himself. Ask him what bothers him about you and promise you will try to change and not to hurt him. People want to hurt others when they feel hurt.

If he was hurt by you, he would want to hurt you back. So, talk to him about what bothers him about you and you will try not to hurt him that way.

If you husband openly admits he wants to hurt you even if you are always nice to him, then maybe you need to find a kinder man.

Yes, some men are more kind than others. If you can’t deal and if you can’t accept his abusive behavior, tell him you can leave if he doesn’t try to change his behavior. Some men don’t value relationships and want out, maybe it’s a way for him to break up with you and you just cling to him?

You know your situation the most. If you can’t find happiness in your overall situation, then maybe you should leave. Maybe he wants to leave and is angry with you because you are still together. Try everything you can to protect yourself from hurt dealing with his angry behavior, but if you can’t do it anymore, you can always leave and find someone who will appreciate you more.

Remember that if you both care about each other, if you want to see each other happy, you can try to teach each other how to treat each other. In marriage people learn how to treat each other. You both should try to find a compromise to keep each other happy. If one partner refuses to do his part to try to make you happy, then there is nothing you can do but leave.

As long as your husband is sincerely trying to be less angry and as long as he is trying not to hurt you, your marriage can definitely become much happier. Teach each other love and kindness. Give him what he craves most from you, maybe he wants more affection from you, more support, whatever he wants just be kind to each other. If he gets love and kindness from you there could be a hope he will try to be kind back to you too.