How to be nice to your husband?
Being nice to your husband is actually very simple. You need to make him beleive you are eager to please him and stroke his ego and he will be happy. So, how to do it?

First of all, if you do something for him, don’t let it go unnoticed. Be bold enough to tell him how good you are and tell him you did something nice for him.

Many women do nice things for husbands but husbands never appreciated it only because they have no clue you did it for him!

Sometimes you have to tell him you do it for him, not for yourself. Men can’t always guess.

So, what nice things could you do for him to impress him?

Do something nice to be nice

One of the most pleasant things you could do for your husband is sexually please him. It will increase his ego, his attractiveness and he will be overall happier. Do something that you think can turn him on. He will be surprised but definitely pleased. It will show him that you care about him, attracted to him and it will make him happy.

Another one to please him is to cook something he likes.

These two things will definitely keep your man happy and he will think that you are nice.

If you want to please him in other ways, simply, come up to him and ask what he wants. There is nothing wrong to communicate your needs and desires. It will be easier for you too, to know how to please him. Tell him you want to make him happy and you want to be nice, he will be impressed and will appreciate your effort.

Being nice to him

Another way to be nice to your husband is talk nice to him. Tell him compliments. Tell him how good he is at his work, tell him he did something nice and you are proud of him. Tell him he is a great man, a great guy, tell him that he is handsome. Men want to feel special too. The more special you can make him feel, the more he will love you. Make him associate good, pleasant feelings with you.

Whatever you do for your husband believe that he is a great man, it will be easier to be nice then. If you don’t want to be nice, try to change your perception of your husband and your marriage.

It’s possible to find positive even in worse situations. Once you will start focus on positive in your marriage, you both will feel happier with each other and you will start appreciate each other more and more.