How to ask your wife for sex.
If you need to ask your wife for sex, the best way to do it is to bring her in a mood first. If you ask her directly if she wants to have sex, more likely is that she doesn’t feel she wants it. Women need sensual foreplay, certain romantic emotional state in order to be interested in sex.

Simple sexual action is very boring to her. Women want to be impressed and inspired.

How to set up the mood

To bring your wife in a sexual mood is the most challenging task you will face. Especially, after a few years of marriage, it could be hard to impress her with anything, but you need to try. If she sees you trying, she could try to help you. You might catch her attention by suggesting role play, talking and cuddling.

The key to a woman’s arousal is her brain. If you can involve her brain, make her think about sex, it would be much easier to turn her on. Men are visual, but women need mental stimulation. Women need talk, fantasy and thinking.

If you are a shy type of person or don’t like to be for sex, practice active persistence. Women love to be pursued. For example, if you just ask her one time if she wants it and she says no and you give up, she will just assume you didn’t want it much. Some women want to see your persistence in order to feel desired.

More tips

Many men don’t like to beg when it comes to intimacy, but if you really want to make your wife happy, you can try to keep figuring out what brings your wife in the mood. Maybe she wants affection from you in other ways and if you give it to her, she will make an effort to please you too.

If a woman feels loved, if she sees your affection and respects you, she will be glad to make you happy also.

Some women are more challenging than others. Evaluate the level of your overall intimacy. Does she trust you? Can she share her secrets with you? Can she rely on you in anything?

Very often women refuse sex for 2 reasons: one is that they don’t trust husband, don’t feel secure with him and resent him. The other reason is not feeling passion or attraction, which often fades with time. Bot reasons are hard to work with but possible to change for the better.

Work on making your wife feeling secure and then try to bring initial passion and attraction back to your life by stimulating your wife mentally (and emotionally) to feel romantic with you again.

After you are able to turn her own, you can ask her for sex directly and she will more likely agree. There is nothing wrong to ask her for sex directly, also, ask her how she prefers you ask her about it.