How tall is too tall for a woman?
Dating short men – what tall women should know:

Are you a tall woman and you feel too tall ? So many tall women feel insecure about height, is it actually bad to be too tall for a woman? If you think you are too tall, you probably are. It’s the feeling that is inside you that what matters.

If you feel you are too tall, if you feel too awkward, if you feel too big and too giant because of height, then you are too tall in your own mind.

If people treat you differently because you are very tall, if people say comments such as “Wow, you are so tall!” or “Do you play basketball?” or “How is the weather up there” then you are probably too tall.

Is it bad to be too tall? Is it bad to be too tall for a woman ? It can only be bad if it makes you unhappy. Tall girls can get upset if they get all the attention for being “different”. They maybe like it from time to time, but the feeling of being “too tall” is always there. They always question themselves if they are good enough, feminine enough.

The only problem that tall girls have is that they are afraid to look less feminine, being tall is a characteristic of power and masculinity and not many young girls want to come across this way.

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Tall women and tall girls often wonder if they are too tall, if they are feminine enough, if they are attractive enough. Women want to be liked and admired. Women want to feel sexy and desired. Being too tall makes a woman wonder if man will find her attractive.

Do men really like very tall women?

Most men don’t care if a woman is too tall or too short, but a lot of men care if she is thin and young looking. Many men want a thin woman who looks young and who is sweet. So, a woman’s height isn’t that much of a problem for most men, most men don’t worry about if a woman is too tall, but they could worry if she was too big, too fat or too heavy.

Look at models in the magazines, who is there to say that they aren’t desirable? Tall women in swimsuits look great and sexy.

Many men think they like short women only because they never met a tall beautiful woman. If more men had more chance to date tall women, men would be much more willing to admit that tall women are beautiful and tall women are attractive.

A woman with her height as low as 5’7″ can feel too tall, and a woman as high as 6’5″ could feel too tall also. It’s about how you feel. If you feel too tall, then you are. Remember, if people like you, they will like you the way you are, even if you are tall, or short. People will like (or don’t like) your height, your looks, and if someone doesn’t do or behave as you wish them too, it’s only their loss and their problem, and you can’t blame your height for it.

Being tall can be a blessing, because it makes you very unique. Appreciate yourself for who you are and hopefully, you need to start feeling good first, no matter how people treat you. Did you notice two people in the same situation will see a glass with water as half full or half empty, it’s your choice how to decide to look at it.