Giantess woman with big feet next to a small man.
I’m a giantess, means I’m a giant woman. I have everything so big, my hands, my arms, and, especially, my feet! Being such giant lady is powerful but can be overwhelming sometimes. At times, when you are liking short man, standing next to him can look awkward!

Looking and feeling awkward isn’t something unusual to me. I guess I can say I’m used to it.

Standing next to a normal size or shrunken man when you are such a giant woman, makes you wonder sometimes if I look attractive enough, if i can attract attention of a small tiny man like this one without using my power.

Sometimes, you just can’t help who you fall in love with or get attracted to. I’m a giant woman but I love small tiny man, just one man. He definitely finds me attractive, being so big and tall, but I don’t know if he likes me more than I like him. I can put my foot next to him and he is just barely can measure up to me. No one can measure up to. I have never met giants as tall and beautiful as I am, but it only makes me more unique and interesting.

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What I like about being so big? I guess I like feeling powerful. I can pick up small tiny people in my hand and carry them with me where I want to. I can make them do what I want and they are afraid of me.

I can do a lot, but most of all I want to be loved. Can I make someone to love me because of my size and looks? I know they like me, they are afraid me, but I will never know if this small people really love me.

Looking for love as a giant woman can be frustrating. I can’t find my equal and probably never will. Unless something happens and small shrunken men will grow up to my size or simple will stop being afraid of me. Finding a tiny man who isn’t afraid of me and would do anything to please me, is an interesting journey of my life. Having a happy relationship even if someone looks small and different, being happy despite many differences and incompatibilities is the main goal of my life as a giant tall woman.

Look at my big feet and big arms, isn’t unusual, interesting and fascinating. I can go back to a normal size but I live a double life. I live a life of a simple girl and a giant amazon woman.

Life of a big tall woman is nothing of ordinary. There is nothing usual about me and my looks. There is nothing usual about my personality or what I do. Every day is a new day and every day is adventure for me and for you, who is reading this to follow my story.