Giantess shrinks you – Lexi girl power.

Giantess Lexi had a very nice day today.  She got up early from bed and noticed how small was her friend sitting next to her.  She asked him, she was surprised to see him there and asked, “What are you doing here?”  And her small tiny friend answered, “I’m just here admiring you in the morning, don’t you love it?”

Giant girl Lexi surely didn’t expect anything or anyone to sit by her bed in this morning, she got scared and yelled out loud, “You are a stalker!!! What are you doing here!!! Get out now!!!”

The love and affection of her little admirer wasn’t appreciated.  “All I was trying to do just admire you and give you my love and affection.”  He was saying almost crying looking at her.

Giantess Lexi saw that he cried and she calmed down, she told him, “You REALLY scared me.  Don’t you ever get here again uninvited, but I forgive you your crazy doing.  I was just getting up in bed, thinking I’m all alone and here you are invading my own privacy.”

“All I have ever wanted, just look at you and admire you in the morning, I have been fantasizing about you for a few months lately and just couldn’t hold myself back but had to come and pick on you while you are sleeping”, he said.

“That’s just really creepy. But I forgive you your strange behavior only because I can see your honesty and purity and sincerity in your eyes.  Do you know that I’m really powerful? That I have extra power? That I can shrink you and make you even smaller if I want?”, giantess girl Lexi told him.

“No I didn’t know that you can do it, but I would love to see it.  I would love to see how much smaller you can actually make me.  I can’t even believe it until I experience it.  Please show me your power!”

“Okay, all I have to do is just to become a little mad and you will be getting smaller and smaller, once I see you being small, I will be able to love you again and my madness will stop.

You will just look small and tiny.  But are you willing to sacrifice by experiencing my mad emotions? It’s the only sacrifices that you really have to do on your part.”

“Yes, giantess, I’m very afraid and I’m ready to experience anything you want, even your mad emotions, I’m so scared but I’m willing to try it, her tiny friend said to her.

“O’kay here you go.  I’ll be mad and you will be getting smaller and smaller, just don’t resist, my emotions are so powerful that they can shrink you quite a bit.  Feel my emotions and get smaller!”

And a miracle has happened, her short tiny friend became even smaller, it was fun for giantess Lexi to see how small he is now.  She became very happy and felt lots of love and affection for her tiny man.