Falling in love with a tall girl.
Readers question:

Hi Tall Girl, I’m very short and I’m falling in love with a tall girl I met at school. Do you think I have any chance with her?

Tall Girl’s answer:

Falling in love can be very pleasant and very scary process you would ever experience in your life. Lots of mixed emotions can be sometimes confusing and scary.

Of course you would want your feelings to be returned and of course you want your tall girl fall in love with you too. I know you don’t want to be rejected because of your height or your looks.

What do you like about tall girl?

If you fall in love with a tall girl, it is possible she would fall in love with a short man too. Yes, tall strong women fall in love with short men too If a height wasn’t a problem for you, why would it be a problem for her? Many times girls have it easier during dating, most of the time because man is a chaser during dating game. Do you like her because of her height, because of her personality or looks? She would definitely find something attractive about you too. Be brave, do what you can and maybe your feelings will be returned.

About Tall Girls

Tall girls as many women want to be loved, cared and admired. She maybe is looking for a tall man to share her life with but if you still have a chance to conquer her even you are very short. Most women like taller men because it would makes them feel more feminine.

If you can provide other masculine characteristics that are attractive to her, she will love you no matter what. However, some women prefer only small men. If a woman fall in love before with a shorter man, she is more likely to fall in love with a short man again. Never say never. Give her a chance to be your woman. She wants to find a man of her dreams as much as you want to find woman too.

Tall girls are beautiful and are spoiled with attention. You will need to work extra hard to get noticed because tall girls got used to unwanted attention and they are trying to get rid of noisy men. You do have a chance with a tall girl. You need to know you are special and you need to understand what could you give to a beautiful tall woman.

Sometimes we give people what they don’t want but in your case you need to find out what your tall girl wants, likes and desires. The more you can provide her with what she wants the more she will love you. Try to find out her dreams, goals and ambitions and it will give you more clear picture what she really wants.

We don’t always choose who we fall in love with but you can definitely help your tall girl to fall in love with you too. Be patient, be creative and your dreams about your girl could come true.