Do men like to be pursued by women?
Men will tell you they like to be pursued by a woman they like, but a catch here is how much is too much? For a girl to pursue anybody, she should be really into a guy…Woman who is pursuing a man certainly has very strong feelings about it and it could scare a guy off.

She is more likely to develop those feelings much earlier than he does and he wouldn’t understand such strong persistence and even could get scared.

So, if you want to pursue a man, be very careful about it and make sure he likes you before you proceed any further. You probably want to treat him like your old best friend, but in his mind he might not be ready for such treatment yet. Especially men, who were hurt before, had bad experiences with women or have a broken heart. Take it slow with them. Some men really value their freedom and privacy.

What to do

Someone may said to you “Listen to your heart” but women need to be aware to listen not only to her heart, but to listen to his heart too. If you come on too strong and he is not ready or doesn’t share your feelings he could break up in heat beat. Are you ready for this? Give him some time. If you are very open and honest with your feelings but he is very private person who likes to keep distance and everything to himself, he could get scared and push you away. Sometimes opposites do attract, and if you are the one who has to pursue him, you probably are opposites.

If you can hold yourself back, then don’t pursue him.

At the end you could be very disappointed in the future by his lack of motivation to see you or do anything for you. So, for a girl or woman, it’s much better to be pursued of course. But if you have no other choice, if you think you have to have him, and you don’t mind to get heartbroken in process, then, yes, go a head and try to pursue him.

If you have to ask yourself this question whether he wants to be pursued or not, go and try it. Start from small and see how he responds to it. The hardest part of your pursuit can be that you would be the one who has feelings and who really cares but not him. Are you ready for it? Guys who don’t have to do a lot of work, don’t invest much of the emotions either, he could be emotionally unavailable person though.

It would be a lot easier if you liked someone who pursues you though. A man would be glad to be pursued but it would be at your expense. If you don’t mind to be the one who is “more in love” so to speak then go ahead and try it. Men love the attention and effort that women put in pursuing him but what matters the most is his own interest level in you though.