Do men like muscular women ?
Some men like only muscular women, whereas most men love any women. It isn’t too hard to please a man as long as woman looks sexy. Yes, muscular women can look very sexy. Whether you look too muscular or not you can ask your friends and see what they say about it. I met a woman before who says she looks muscular to men, but to me she didn’t look too muscular, because she dressed and acted very feminine and sexy.

Some women do look more muscular than others. Whether you are muscular or not, you should be more worried about how you dress and act, than your body structure. I’m sure there are many men who are more muscular than you are.

Sometimes women worry so much about their looks, but in reality you can’t really predict who is going be attracted to you and for what reason. A man could think he doesn’t like muscular women only until he meets the right muscular woman just for him. You can’t always choose who you are attracted to. Attraction can be very unexplainable and subconscious.

Muscular women and attraction

Muscular women can be very attractive. You never know what makes men experience certain emotions. He could be very attracted to a muscular woman and have no idea even why.

If you are a muscular woman, believe that you are feminine, meet many men and you will find someone who will love every inch of your body. There are different men like different women. Not all men want a short skinny woman. Some men want to be with tall muscular woman.

Believe it or not, thin women can be unhappy about being thin. Heavy women can be upset about being overweight, and sometimes muscular women can be upset about being muscular. Decide to be happy and love who you are.

I, personally, think, muscular women are attractive. Everyone is attractive in it’s on unique way. You can find men who will love you being muscular. Did you know some men actually love power and dominance in a woman’s body? You can attract dominant as well as submissive men. Dominant men would love the looks of your body and submissive men would really thrive on your natural dominant characteristics. Whatever you like.

So, the answer to the question is…Yes, definitely, men do like muscular women very much. You just need to meet right men. The more men you meet the more chance you will find someone who will really like you the way you are.