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Why do people fall in love

Why do people love each other? Love is what everyone is looking for and it's so hard to find. Why do people love each other? People love each other when they are able to fulfill one of their strongest fantasies. For example, when a person has a certain image of herself/himself and finds a partner who makes her feel a certain way, then love would happen.

For example, if a woman likes to feel as a little girl, loves to be taken cared of then she will be more attracted to older men who can make her feel young and taken cared of.

Another example, if a woman likes to feel independent and strong, she will fall in love with a man who makes her feel very strong and very independent.

It all comes down how your partner makes you feel by possessing certain, needed to you qualities.

Some people fall in love easier than others. Some people get attached easier than others. Some people are easier feel loved by others. So, all of these definitely helps to love and feel loved.

People love each other because it's a great need to be loved and to love others. Most of us have this need and those who don't they are denying to know themselves on a very deep level. If you need someone to love you, you could be surprised that some people do love you but you could still feel very unloved only because what is love is very personal for everyone.

If you want to know why do people love each other then you need to know what love really is. What love really is for you because it could be totally different if you ask the other person.

People love each other when they desperately need to fulfill certain needs and they met someone who they believe can make them happy, can fulfill all or most of unmet needs. The more unmet needs a person has, the easier and faster would be for him or her to fall in love. Having needs and being a "needy" person is not actually bad, it's just different and sometimes can be good for everybody. For example, when two people with unmet needs met each other and were able to fulfill each others needs and fantasies, they will love each other tremendously.

If you have never experienced love it maybe because you were hurt a lot in life. You have to find piece first and then learn to be secure enough to love others, give everything you can to the other person to make them happy...Some people have a wrong perception of what love really easy. People often think it's love only later they rethink that it wasn't.

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