Big fat tall women vs petite skinny thin women.
Are you attracted to big fat tall women are tiny thin short women? Are you attracted to power and strength of a big tall woman or do you prefer innocent small tiny short woman? Did you know that both types of women can feel very insecure about their own looks?

Every woman is different in her own way. Every woman can offer her unique physical qualities and personal characteristics. What are you really looking in a woman?

Some men think they like only small tiny and skinny women, only until they get attracted to a strong big taller woman. Tall women are beautiful. Tall big and strong women are beautiful too. Men don’t always understand why they are attracted to certain women, but if he is attracted to his woman, there is no need for reasonable explanation.

Men do enjoy different women. Women want beautiful women. She can be tall, big, fat and strong, or she can be skinny, thin, petite and short!

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Do you know what you love, do you know what makes you happy?

What about short thin women? Men do love short women too, especially if he wants to feel more powerful and dominant over her. Some short women can be very sweet and gentle, where as others could have a big dominant personality in her small body. Men are attracted and love different women.

Whether a woman is tall, big and fat, or short, skinny and tiny, they all can be happy and have what they want. Different women are for different men. What makes one man happy can be completely different what makes another man happy.

There is beauty and need in everyone, you just need to figure out what works for you. Everyone is looking for ways to find what they want and feel good. People want to feel good.

If a bigger and taller woman makes you happy, then it’s o’kay, she is beautiful in her own way. If a tiny woman makes men happy, it’s great too, as long as they all enjoy each other and it works out great for all of them.

Both types of women are beautiful and appreciated by different men. If you are a man and you love your woman, tell her more often about it, tell her she is beautiful to you and she makes you happy. Women are very insecure about looks and your complement will make her life so much better.