Attracted to tall women.
Guys like attractive women, whether she is short or tall won’t matter as long as he is attracted to her. Some guys say they don’t like tall girls only because they haven’t met a right girl yet. Once a guy meets a very attractive tall woman he won’t care much how much she is taller or shorter than he is.

You can’t always predict who you will be attracted to. Attraction is not always a choice.

Many guys fantasize about a girl who is shorter than him, because they think girls like taller guys. Guys want to be liked, so they go for short girls if it’s less chance to be rejected. If a woman is attractive, charming and sexy, if she can make a guy feel excited and attractive, he will definitely love her.

Some women come naturally seductive while others don’t. I’m not talking about just physical attraction but soul and heart attraction. If a woman can make a guy feel good emotionally he will love and cherishing every inch of her body no matter how tall or short she is for him. Men just want to feel good and be happy.

Attraction and tall girls

Yes, tall girls can be very sexy. Tall girls are very attractive. Tall girls stand out and demand attention. If a tall girl has sweet charming personality, it’s all the guy need to be happy. Very often men are attracted to his fantasy about particular girl and as long as he believes he is attracted to her, as long as he believes she is the most beautiful for him, he will be very happy no matter what her height is.

Tall girls often feel insecure because they are so different. Women were conditioned that men suppose to be taller, men were conditioned that women suppose to be shorter, but in real life, you can’t always choose who you get attracted to, it could be a very short guy or a very tall woman.

Guys do like tall girls very much

If you are tall, and if a guy noticed you and found you attractive…you can be almost certain the height isn’t a big factor. If a girl pursues a guy, there nothing that she can do to attract a guy no matte how wonderful she is. Height shouldn’t be something to worry about.

A guy also could be very worried if he is too short for a woman. Usually women care more about a guys height than a guy about girl’s height. Women are a lot more choosy and pickier. As much as insecure you feel about our height, a guy as much feels insecure about his.

In my conclusion, yes, guys like tall girls very much. Guys love girls.